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Amerisource Offers New Version Of Medassess™ Patient Care Resource For Pharmacies

April 1, 2001

VALLEY FORGE, PA (April 11, 2001) — AmeriSource Health Corp. (NYSE:AAS), one of the nation’s leading wholesale pharmaceutical distributors, has enhanced MedAssess™, a patient care resource program for pharmacies. MedAssess provides pharmacies with a range of programs, services and tools to help pharmacists enhance current patient-care services and offer new patient-focused programs to generate additional revenue.

“Enhancing retailers’ efficiency and profitability are key goals of AmeriSource’s value-added programs,” says R. David Yost, AmeriSource president and chief executive officer. “We believe retailers should spend their time interfacing with customers and enhancing their revenues. Programs such as MedAssess are key enablers to helping pharmacists reach that goal.”

“AmeriSource designed MedAssess to help pharmacists build patient relationships and patient-care revenues with the overall goal of helping them establish a competitive advantage and a position as trusted healthcare professionals,” adds Greg Wedin, Director of Professional Services, AmeriSource.

MedAssess programs and services include:

  • The MedAssess Software
  • CareBuilderSM Programs
  • Screening Programs
  • Training and Implementation Manual
  • Ongoing Professional and Technical Support Services

The MedAssess Software

The MedAssess software is a Windows®-based tool designed to support pharmacists’ care-based activities — from basic patient consultation through advanced pharmaceutical care services. Pharmacists can use the program to enhance existing patient care services or add new services. AmeriSource will introduce the next version of the software at its annual trade show in July. New and enhanced features of the software include:

  • An electronic to-do list, organizing all scheduled activities and other information scheduled for follow-up.
  • Access to a variety of personalized reports for both patients and physicians.
  • Several invoicing capabilities, including the HCFA-1500 claim form.
  • A care plan coordinator, including pre-defined templates to support specific disease management services as well as the ability to create user-defined templates to support an endless variety of other patient care services.
  • Complete support for pharmacy-based immunization documentation, billing and reporting.
  • Complete support including specialized reports to support pharmacy-based screening programs.
  • On-line help screens that guide the user through the patient care process.

MedAssess CareBuilderSM Programs

CareBuilder Programs include materials (brochures, information sheets, display cards, posters, ad slicks, press releases, reference manuals and study guides, and physician and employer letters) and information needed to implement and promote a variety of practical, fee-based patient care services:

  • Get Pumped Up! — Blood pressure monitoring program that includes monthly blood pressure measures and quarterly pharmacy visits.
  • Get Fit…For Life! — Weight management program that focuses on lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise and positive attitudes to help patients lose weight safely and keep it off.
  • Take Control — Diabetes care program that helps patients manage their diabetes and lays the framework for blood glucose screening services.
  • Kick Butts! — Multi-session smoking cessation program to help patients “kick the habit” and reduce their risk for serious health problems like heart disease, stroke and cancer. Coping skills and relapse prevention are part of this program.
  • Breathe Easier About Asthma — Asthma care program that includes monthly telephone follow-up calls and quarterly pharmacy visits to help patients and their caregivers monitor and manage their asthma. This program provides an ideal platform for selling asthma-related products.
  • At the Heart of It All — Cholesterol monitoring program to help pharmacists implement lipid screening, monitoring and management services for patients.
  • How Can You Be Sure — Drug use review program designed to educate patients about their drug therapy and to reduce drug interactions and other problems associated with improper use of medications.

Screening Programs

Patterned after the series of CareBuilder Programs, MedAssess offers Screening Programs exclusively to Family Pharmacy® members. Each program offers marketing materials, information and access to state-of-the-art equipment. Each program is fully integrated with the MedAssess software for tracking participant's test results and printing valuable, yet easy-to-understand reports for patients and physicians. Health screening programs are currently available for:

  • NEW Osteoporosis Risk Assessment -- Centered on a peripheral Bone Mineral Density test, the program evaluates participants risk of osteoporotic fracture. Patients receive a personalized Bone Mineral Density Report that details their risk of fracture and offers important lifestyle suggestions they can implement to reduce their risk.
  • NEW Cholesterol Screening --Using a simple finger-stick cholesterol test, the program evaluates participants risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Participants receive a personalized Cholesterol Screening Report that details their cholesterol test results and provides important information to help them lower their risk of CHD.
  • Body Composition Screening --Features the Futrex-5000® Analyzer to measure patients’ body fat, lean body mass, and total body water. Patients receive a personalized Body Composition Report that details their results, explains each measure and can be used by the pharmacist to counsel patients about appropriate weight loss and fitness goals.
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment --Adapted from the American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Risk Test, the program features the exclusive MedAssess software to calculate patients risk of type 2 diabetes. Participants receive a personalized Diabetes Risk Report that details their level of risk for type 2 diabetes and provides useful information about what it means to them.

Training and Implementation Manual

This self-paced manual is ACPE-approved for three hours of Continuing Education Credits. It includes a QuickStart Guide and Self-Directed Workbook to help pharmacists give patients the full benefit of their skills and expertise.

Ongoing Professional and Technical Support

MedAssess provides comprehensive technical, clinical and practice support via toll-free telephone lines and trained field support personnel.

About AmeriSource
AmeriSource Health Corporation (NYSE:AAS), with more than $13 billion in annualized operating revenue, is a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and related healthcare products and services, and the industry’s largest provider of pharmaceuticals to the acute care/health systems market. Headquartered in Valley Forge, PA, the Company serves its base of about 15,000 customer accounts through a national network of more than 20 strategically located distribution facilities. For news and additional information about the company, visit its web site at

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